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CROZ Is A Tiny, Transparent Camera For The Minimalist Photographer

croz transparent case

What present can you possibly give to a friend photographer who has all the equipment he needs? A one of a kind piece. A camera so special, he won’t find a fault to it. We came across such a gadget; it’s called CROZ and it’s one of the lightest, tiniest digital cams we’ve ever seen. Plus, it comes with a case that lets anyone see all its internals #fotomagic

CROZ is the result of two brands coming together: Hyle Design of Macao and Paper Shoot of Taiwan. Hyle Design came up with the do-it-yourself approach, which allows buyers to build their cameras at home, using the tools and pieces found in the CROZ kit. They also proposed the transparent case for the camera, giving it an industrial feel as the batteries, microSD card and circuitry is visible to the naked eye. While that look is iconic for CROZ, Hyle Design and Paper Shoot have designed various cases, some made of wood, so if your friend prefers a different, retro vibe, go with that.

Paper Shoot installed a 5MP sensor on CROZ, as well as up to 32GB microSD support and the option to download the images taken via microUSB. What you won’t find, though, is an LCD display. Instead, you will know when a picture is captured by a flickering blue LED light. That button acts as an alert to insert an SD card, also.

The camera’s light weight, of only 48 grams (!), forced the team to go with just the bare essentials. So, you’ll notice CROZ comes with just two switches. One plays the role of on/off button and shutter button. The second one helps the user add an effect to your picture. There are four different effects/filters your friend or you can choose from: Normal, Black & White, Sepia, and Blue.

The few and restrictive camera options should be an interesting challenge for a seasoned photographer. Still, you will probably be relieved to find out that there are various lenses available for it, including a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens. The CROZ digital camera is available to purchase here for NT$3,899, so about $130 USD.

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