Delft Dynamics Shows Off DroneCatcher in Spectacular Footage
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Delft Dynamics Shows Off DroneCatcher in Spectacular Footage

Tired of the hobby drones buzzing around everywhere? So are organizations around the world but, fortunately, Dutch company Delft Dynamics launched a new version of the DroneCatcher quadcopter.

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Watch as this anti-drone gadget uses vision, radar and acoustic sensors to intercept a rogue drone and capture it, not crash it, in order to recover the data on it. Using a pneumatic net gun that can shoot a net at up to 66 ft, the rogue drone is captured and towed safely to a nearby spot. If the load is too heavy, the Drone Catcher can also deploy a parachute and drop the captured drone safely.

The DroneCatcher has been available for quite some time but its newest update makes it even more attractive to places like airports or military bases.

The newest version of the DroneCatcher has a charging tether that allows it to stay in the air without the need for a battery recharge. When it spots a drone, it will drop its tether and rely on a battery with 30-minute autonomy to go and hunt its prey.

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For example, last summer, a rogue drone forced London’s Gatwick airport to shut down temporarily, as the drone was flying too close to aircraft and could potentially compromise flights.

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