Demo-ing E3, The Games We Played

E3 is a gamer’s paradise; being able to try out new (and often unreleased) games is an incredibly experience. Like many attendees, we wanted to try out as many games as we possibly could. Here are the games we got to test out at E3:

Final Fantasy VII Remake took us through the first boss in the original game, testing our ability to work with the new hybrid-combat system. From hacking and slashing, to the tactical menu options, players were given a brief introduction to the world of Midgar. Read more about our demo play through here.

Pokémon Sword and Shield takes new and seasoned trainers to the Galar region, where phenomenon like raids and Dynamax occur. The demo had us test our skills as a trainer in Nessa’s Water-type Gym. For more, read our full review here

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a return to the beloved series. E3 gamers played as Luigi, using the new skills (Gooigi, Plunger Shot, and more) to navigate a small dungeon. Afterwards, we had to use everything we had just practiced to beat a relatively challenging final boss. See how we fared here.

Mortal Kombat 11 is already out, but they let us try out their newest DLC character Shang Tsung. His ability to shapeshift and change his moveset tripped me up at times. When I got comfortable reading my opponents moves, shapeshifting made me rethink how to approach and defend a clone of myself. In the right hands, I can imagine Shang Tsung being an extremely powerful character.

Destroy All Humans Remake is a faithful remake of the original. The demo itself was chosen thoughtfully, giving players a feel for how powerful you can be without being particularly challenging. The only issue with the demo was that it was bogged down with cutscene after cutscene. Although nice to see the graphics, more gameplay would have been nice.

Borderlands 3 is the first-person shooter where it feels like anything goes. The demo itself started us out with several skill points so that we could customize our character, giving each demo player a unique way of experiencing the game. As a shooter, the controls empowered me to accurately find enemies and make my way through the arena.

However, this was all a 1-player experience. Based on a presentation we saw right before demo-ing, it sounds like a lot of the features in Borderlands 3 were made specifically with co-op in mind. I definitely can’t wait to see how those features (automatically populated missions, shops, etc.) will enhance the gameplay.

While this is only a small snippet of the games available at E3, we are definitely excited about each on this list! We can’t wait to try out the full games when they release.


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