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Denmark Joins Sanctions Against Google, Bans Chromebooks In Schools & Google Workspace

Joining countries like France, Italy and Austria, who are trying to ban Google over the fact that Google Analytics sends Europeans’ data to US servers, Denmark now makes a move against the tech giant.

First, the Danish DPA (Data Protection Agency) banned the use of Google Workspace, meaning almost all Google products, in the municipality of Helsingør. 

This move could also affect other municipalities and even be adopted by Norway as well.

Now, the ban extends to all Google Chromebook laptops, which, obviously, are built with Google Workspace in mind.

Considering half the students in Denmark use a Chromebook, it’s unclear what will happen come August, when school comes again.

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879000000According to the Danish authorities, Google is transfering the personal information of students outside the EU, therefore is breaching GDPR.

To revert the ban, Google would have to ensure users’ privacy is safeguarded

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Denmark Joins Sanctions Against Google, Bans Chromebooks In Schools & Google Workspace
1 Comment

1 Comment

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