Devolver Digital Sarcastically Takes On Gaming Industry While Showcasing New Games
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Devolver Digital Sarcastically Takes On Gaming Industry While Showcasing New Games

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You never know what to expect with Devolver Digital’s presentations. This year, their whole theme was “Devolver Max Pass+,” a no-cost subscription service with its own website. The entire time, the Devolver Max Pass+ was a critical commentary on the industry’s turn towards subscription services, game ownership, and perks of membership.

While the reoccurring theme was certainly over-the-top at times, it did stress just how dedicated Devolver Digital is to its IPs and the consumer.

The following is everything presented at Devolver Digital’s showcase:


Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 received another gameplay trailer. While not much was mentioned of story, the trailer really showed off the frenetic action players could expect. Truly, it reminded me of how Doom feels – the constant balancing of fluid movement and attacking – but set in a more Oriental setting.

Shadow Warrior 3 releases in 2021.

Trek to Yomi

Bringing together Ghost of Tsushima vibes with 2.5D side scrolling, Trek to Yomi elicits an incredibly aesthetic and cinematic touch. Which all makes sense, given that is was inspired by the Akira Kurosawa films.

Trek to Yomi will be releasing 2022.

Phantom Abyss

Phantom Abyss provides an asynchronous multiplayer experience as you try to escape a dungeon. As you navigate through a maze of traps including spikes, lasers, and rolling balls, you can see the ghosts of those who tried to escape before you.

Phantom Abyss comes to Steam Early Access June 22nd.

Wizard with a Gun

Little information was shown during the reveal trailer for Wizard with a Gun, but my sense is that this will be a multiplayer sandbox adventure game. Gameplay showed an interesting combination of magic and weaponry as players merged guns and spells to make specialized ammo which had different effects.

Wizard with a Gun releases in 2022.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door just received a July 20th release date! Beyond that, the trailer showed a little more of the death-bringing, quick action gameplay.


There’s a lot of mystery shrouded in the darkness of Inscryption, but it seemed to blend multiple game genres together. It is at once a card-game blended with escape room puzzles, “deckbuilding roguelike,” and some lite horror.

Inscryption releases 2021.

Devolver Tumble Time

What seemed like another commentary on the game industry’s turn to mobile game monetization may turn out to be an actual game (maybe? Probably). Devolver Tumble Time is a free-to-play physics-based mobile game about clearing puzzles featuring some of Devolver’s most iconic characters.

Devolver Tumble Time launches 2021.

Demon Throttle

Demon Throttle brings back an old-school aesthetic with full screen bullet hell style shooter in an epic quest to get vengeance on demons who have wronged a vampiress and a gunslinger. The unlikely duo face off against hordes of monsters and multiple demons along the way. The game is only available physically and is available now.

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Devolver Digital Sarcastically Takes On Gaming Industry While Showcasing New Games
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