E Ink Imagines Smarter Classrooms, Transport, and Healthcare

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E-ink has been an emerging trend lately. Several different e-ink tablets have entered the market recently, including but not limited to Sony’s DPT-CP1 and Paperlike, but e-ink applications outside of tablets have been nascent. E Ink has taken the lead in the e-ink market here at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, showing off multiple new and improved applications for the exciting technology. #mwcs18 #ttllive

For starters, E Ink improved on traditional e-ink uses and tablets. Its Onyx Book, for example, was a 13.3″ e-ink tablet with 206 dpi and 1650×2200 resolution. The touch registered extremely quickly and tracked pen motions fluidly. Some tablets had several different modes; the ones we used were the PDF reader and note taking modes, both of which worked extremely well for their specific task.

One of the many Okaybooks available for display and demo

The Okaybooks, for example, were simple tablets made for smart classrooms. Two of the key features were its single purpose use – it only allows students to use it to learn and take notes – and its shatter resistant, making it a perfect accessory for a classroom setting.

Most of the booth, however, demonstrated how e-ink could enable a smarter world. While the Okay Books supported smart classroom developments, the design was still similar to a traditional table. Instead, E Ink used the e-ink technology and broke it out of the tablet form.

Different applications for e-ink technology

Several uses include smart transportation and health care. The former utilizes the e-ink technology to display information about bus arrivals and departures. Additionally, E-ink showed the technology’s scalability, showcasing a larger advertisement on e-ink technology. These use cases could be supplemented with solar panels that would charge the low-power screens for constant display.

The latter showed e-ink technology being used for bed-side notices (epd m-bedside cards). Additionally, the technology was incorporated into dosage labels and nfc m-tags.

All in all, E Ink demonstrated how e-ink technology could be more broadly utilized in various different markets. If e-ink becomes more commonly accepted in non-tablet uses like E Ink is envisioning, we could be looking at a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

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