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Watch Huawei P20 Pro Come Alive With A Thumbs Up!

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At this point, Huawei P20 Pro is no longer a novelty. It was launched a while ago, in Paris, a couple of months after Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Everyone knows about the infamous triple camera, the long exposure mode and the AI object recognition. What’s there left to see? Quite a bit, as we found out in the first day of Mobile World Congress Shanghai. Give it a thumbs up or show it the peace sign and it will respond in return!

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Huawei P20 Pro has been going strong for a couple of months now. Its triple camera brought it the attention the company was hoping for, the design doesn’t disappoint in the list and the machine learning features make it a great companion, not just a tool.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out it could do even more at second glance. After enabling the rear camera, you can activate gesture control and get your phone to respond to hand signs. Give it a thumbs up, show it the peace sign and it will react with random effects: strings of hearts or rainbows.

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Professional photographers and videographers probably won’t use that a lot, preferring to play with its video capabilities or edit their images in aperture mode (where you can manually choose the area you want to focus on). But the regular consumer, who just wants a beautiful, smart, entertaining phone will love this feature.

We couldn’t help but compare its infamous zoom with the one on iPhone X, before checking out the next booth. Guess what? Huawei P20 Pro gives iPhone X a run for its money!

Quite the surprise, I’ll say. Check out our Vivo Nex experience here and all the #TTLlive updates from Shanghai here!

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