SES-imagotag Changes Food Retail Stores with Picking Assistant

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With Walmart’s roaming robot and Amazon Go, smart technology has begun to enter into the food retail industry. At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, SES-imagotag, a French electronic shelf labeling systems company, showcased one of the smartest innovations to come to the food retail industry yet! #mwcs18 #ttllive

The company highlighted their store-integrated system. Utilizing detection systems and instruction-to-phone communication, their integrated system had two major advancements: an automatic stockout detection system and an in-store picking assistant.

The former works thanks to geolocated labels for each product. The system constantly monitors all items and any time a product is removed, the manager is notified with a notification to their phone. They received a map of the store, directing them to the item that needs to be restocked. Additionally, the map is interactive; once the task is complete, it can be checked off on the spot, allowing the restocker to move on to their next product.

The in-store picking assistant is best described as a personal shopper. Once someone makes an order online, the manager receives a list of ordered goods. This list includes quantity and precise locations within the store so the manager can easily find whatever was purchased. Finally, the items are conveniently packaged together in a to-go bag with a receipt. This allows for a quick and easy shopping especially for those in a rush.

If and when these two major advancements become commonplace in stores, shopping could look a whole lot different.

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