Facebook Testing Feature That Allows Users To Block Certain Words


Facebook decided that, since it’s already fighting an uphill battle against hate speech and fake news on its platform, it might as well allow the users to take the matters into their own hands, albeit, on a smaller scale.

Jane Manchun Wong, a computer science student, discovered a code on Facebook which seems to show that the company is currently undergoing some tests on a new feature that will allow the users to block certain words and phrases.

The poster and those who are friends with them will still see the comment/post but, if you’ve blocked any words or phrases that contain it, it will mean you won’t have to deal with it yourself.

Facebook has not released any official statements about the feature or even hinted at something like it before, but we’re sure we are going to hear about it quite soon.

What do you think: useful feature or a waste of time?

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