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Facepalm: TikTok Users Believe Keanu Reeves AI Deepfake Is Actually The Actor Himself

Have deepfakes gone too far or are people’s critical thinking (and reading skills) just sinking to a new low?

A TikTok account called @unreal_keanu and composed entirely of AI-generated Keanu Reeves deepfakes has nonetheless managed to gather a significant following of people who think the updates are coming from the actor himself.

DailyDot examined 41 of the @unreal_keanu videos posted, all of them uncanny and not really convincing deepfakes, and found plenty of people who thought the Matrix actor was posting there himself.

“Congrats on the success…..and for being the first person I intentionally followed on this platform…..keep it real and keep safe,” wrote one user, and another chimed in expressing surprise at “Me finding out that he’s not the real Keanu Reeves”.

Of course, considering the account gets millions of views for each deepfake Keanu posted, you’re bound to find some gullible people.

As for deepfakes themselves, AI-generated people manage to blur the line between virtual and real more and more every day. Here are some of the best deepfake celebrities we found over the years:

What Deepfakes Can Do: The Best Videos And the Deepfake Apps Changing Reality

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Facepalm: TikTok Users Believe Keanu Reeves AI Deepfake Is Actually The Actor Himself
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