FCC Certification Confirms More Galaxy Fold 3 and Flip 3 Specs

Evan Blass

Samsung is expected to announce the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 along with its younger brother Galaxy Z Flip 3 in August this year.
The alleged design of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and its technical specifications have already been leaked on the net recently, but now we have the confirmation that it will be the first foldable with support for the S-Pen.

Leakster Evan Blass recently leaked two images that also featured the ‘foldable edition’ of the S Pen, so now we can truly say: leak confirmed!

The FFC (Federal Communications Commission), is the American body responsible for the certification of telephone equipment, among other things, and it has recently green-lit the US models of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, respectively, known by the model numbers SM-F926U and SM -F926U1.

The device will have 5G support (both mmWave and Sub-6), 4G / LTE, CDMA, as well as Wi-Fi 6 and, of course, Bluetooth and NFC.
The certification also marks the presence of an UWB chip, which is used for short-range localization, in the style of Apple’s chip that helps users find their AirTags.

Cr. Ice Universe

Cr. Simranpal Singh/Twitter

The FCC certification documents also reveal that the device also has a digitizer function that works with the S-Pen via inductive coupling; nothing new there, as that is how the Samsung stylus has always worked. However, the S-Pen may not come bundled with the device and may not have a dedicated slot for storage and charging.

As with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Korean company could sell the S Pen and some bits and bobs for it, separately.
This means that every Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, while it will have S-Pen support, only the users who are willing to spend some extra cash will be able to take advantage of it.

Cr. Abhishek Yadav/Twitter


Cr. Simranpal Singh/Twitter

As was the case with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, only users who want to spend the extra amount will be able to take advantage of it. As with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, having a cover used to transport the pen in won’t really be very comfortable or elegant and wouldn’t do much but add to the bulk of the device.

The listing does mention magnetic induction so it might be that the device will at least be able to charge the stylus as the Fold 3 does appear to have wireless charging at 9W. It will have a 4,275mAh battery made out of two different cells: 2,060 and 2,215mAh.
The Galaxy Flip 3 does not appear to have S Pen support but will have 5G mmWave connectivity, 9W charging and a 3,273mAh battery.

Software-wise, leakster Ice Universe stated that both devices will come with One UI 3.1.1. According to him, One UI 3.5 does not exist, so Samsung will just jump to version 4.0 instead, which will be tested on the Galaxy S series at first.

That’s all we know so far. How do you feel about all this new information? Disappointed or did you already see it coming? Let us know in the comments.



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FCC Certification Confirms More Galaxy Fold 3 and Flip 3 Specs
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