MIUI Code Reveals Info On 13 New Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi has been pretty quiet in the latest months but it’s not likely that the company has not caused a stir because there’s nothing to cause a stir about – more likely, Xiaomi is hard at work on its new batch of Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi phone users are very interested in knowing what’s coming next and, since the company itself has not offered a lot of information recently, some Xiaomi enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to unearth anything they can. And unearth they did: after digging around the MIUI code for a while, they managed to find references to no less than 13 new Xiaomi devices.

We don’t have confirmation for any of the official names, however we do know their codenames: Evergo, Evergreen, Zeus, Cupid, Psyche, Pissarro, Pisarropro, Cygnus, Bestle, Hyacinth, Divine, Lepus and Mercury. Interesting choices, don’t you think?

Out of all of them, the users only managed to dig out some specs from just six models.

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To begin with, we have Cygnus, which will have a 90Hz display and will feature a triple rear camera consisting of a 108MP Samsung sensor, an ultra-wide and a telephoto lens with 5x zoom.
Then we have Bestla, which will come with a 64MP Samsung GW3 sensor and a telephoto lens, while Hyacinth will have a 120Hz refresh rate display and a triple camera setting that will come with a 108MP main sensor, also from Samsung.

Lepus will have the same 90Hz display as the first two devices but will feature a triple main camera with a Samsung ISOCELL GN3 50 main snapper accompanied by an ultra-wide and telephoto lens with 5x zoom.
Divine will feature the same display, a 64MP main snapper alongside a 5x telephoto lens.

Last but not least, Mercury will have a width and telephoto lens with 5x zoom and the main sensor will have pixel binning technology. Most likely, it will be a 108MP sensor, which is capable of producing 12MP photos in low-light conditions.

As you can tell, there’s not a lot of information available, at least not enough for us to get a clear picture of what’s to come. The GN3 sensor on the Lepus device is one we have our eyes on at the moment as that particular sensor is said to be quite powerful.

It’s said that Xiaomi is one of the two smartphone companies, alongside Samsung, who is getting ready to introduce devices with under-display cameras. We hope this will happen this year, but there have not been enough reliable leaks for us to truly consider it at the moment.

It’s also very unlikely the company will release all of these devices as part of just one line but fingers crossed for some surprises soon. We’ll tell you everything we find out about it all, as soon as new information comes out.


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MIUI Code Reveals Info On 13 New Xiaomi Devices

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