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Firefox Focus for Android Is Here to Prevent Cross-site Tracking

Mozilla is launching its Total Cookie Protection feature to the Firefox Focus browser for Android.

One of the strongest privacy protections to date, according to Mozilla, this feature makes it a lot harder for cross-site tracking. 

Basically, it tries to stop sites like Facebook from tracking you across the web and selling your browser behavior to third parties.

It does so by separating the cookies from each site you visit into “cookie jars”, silo-ing your browsing behavior so that advertisers cannot target you in-depth based on your user habits.

firefox total cookie protection

The Mozilla Total Cookie Protection is activated by default whenever you use Firefox in private mode, which is a very cool feature for online shopping.

Want to buy a washing machine without being targeted forever with ads for washing machines? Browse online stores in Firefox’s private mode. Now, with the launch of the same feature on Android, the protection is extended on your mobile device as well.

Just download the Firefox Focus app from the store and your browsing habits become a lot more private.

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Firefox Focus for Android Is Here to Prevent Cross-site Tracking
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