First Assassination Attempt Using Drone Targets Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

First Assassination Attempt Using Drone Targets Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

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Xinhua News Agency

It’s happened. The world just witnessed a historical, but perhaps unsurprising event: the first ever assassination attempt of a president using drones.

The president targeted was Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro. On Saturday, Maduro’s speech to celebrate the National Guard’s 81st anniversary, delivered in front of hundreds of soldiers, was cut short as several explosions were heard.

“The investigation clearly reveals they came from drone-like devices that carried explosives,” said Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela’s Information Minister.

One or more drones detonated explosives above the audience, injuring several people. The president, who was standing with his wife, was not harmed.

According to him, his political opponents are behind the attack, though his popularity is undeniably abysmal. After all, Venezuela is going through some of the worst times in its history. Inflation has reached such an absurd level that, at this moment, a single US dollar could purchase 920,000 gallons of gasoline!

Meanwhile, a third of the country relies on food vouchers to survive and citizens are forced to actually invest in cryptocurrency in an attempt to stop their savings’ from being wiped out. In a climate like that, the leaders of Venezuela should have definitely started looking at anti-drone technology years ago.

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