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Fitbit Trackers, Able To Check Heart Rhythm in the Background

Fitbit trackers are finally capable of checking a wearer’s heart rhythm in the background, often enough to potentially prevent a stroke.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Fitbit’s new feature which passively monitors users’ heart rhythms.

This means that instead of having a wearer choose when to check this rhythm, the tracker can choose to do so silently and periodically. If there’s any sign of atrial fibrillation, a condition that could lead to a stroke, an alert is emitted instantly.

Before submitting the feature to the FDA, Fitbit tested its accuracy in 2020. The study revealed that their algorithm could detect cases of atrial fibrillation 98% of the time.

Even so, Fitbit remains a preventative measure, not a diagnosis tool. That’s also the case of Apple Watch, which has been offering a similar type of heart monitoring for a while now.

When will the feature drop? In the United States, pretty “soon” said Fitbit.

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Fitbit Trackers, Able To Check Heart Rhythm in the Background
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