Flagship Killer: iPhone 12, Dangerous If Kept Too Close

It might not occur to you at first but Apple’s iPhone 12 can very well mess up with your health, if kept too close to the body.

Apple felt the need to update a support document about the effect of the magnets in their iPhone 12 series. It might take us a bit to connect the dots, especially in the excitement of getting our hands on an iPhone 12, but some of the smartphone parts could very well turn the device into a flagship killer.

Apple doesn’t think these phones will be more dangerous than their previous iPhones however they did stressed the need to keep them away from any pacemaker, defibrillator or other implant that can react to magnets and radios.

Why now? Well, some doctors warned against this type of interference this time around, after seeing the effects up close. It seems that an iPhone 12 actually put a defibrillator implant into a suspended state when it got near enough.

The takeaway?

The iPhone 12 series shouldn’t be any trouble if you don’t have medical implants of such nature or don’t keep your phone anywhere near those. But, if you do tend to leave it in the interior pocket of jackets and blazers, it’s time to change your habit.

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Flagship Killer: iPhone 12, Dangerous If Kept Too Close
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