FlixBus Now Offers VR Experiences For Its Las Vegas Commuters


Traveling long distances via bus is, arguably, one of the most boring experiences you can come across – with barely any space to move and close to no entertainment but what phone, book or tablet you bring along, long bus rides are not a lot of fun for most of us.

Low-cost bus company FlixBus decided to try and change that by offering its passengers the option to use VR headsets during their long trips on routes from Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego.

The passengers have the option of either playing one of the 50 games available on the device, watch movies or travel virtually through space. Other 3D experiences include diving to the bottom of the Red Sea and even walking the Arctic alongside penguins.

In order to use the helmets, all they’ll have to do is reserve the “panorama” seats, other than that, the helmets are completely free and they all have a 3K resolution.

The concept has already been tested on journeys in Europe that took place on routes in Spain and France. In the U.S, the experience will last for three months and, if the passengers are satisfied, the VR helmets are expected to become a fixture on more routes.

Flix Bus operates in 28 countries so far, U.S included, and the company has daily connections to over 12,000 routes all over the world.

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