Fortnite is Among Us Through Fortnite Imposters

PC: Epic Games

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Fortnite meets Among Us in the battle royale’s limited time event: Fortnite Imposters.

Announced on via a post by the Fortnite Team, Fortnite Imposters brings a lot of familiar Among Us elements to Fortnite while adding quirky twists the game is known for.

Fortnite Imposters will be a ten player maximum deception game with eight Agents doing tasks around The Bridge while two Impostors try to stop them.

The Agents will do Fortnite-related tasks, like “calibrating chests and llamas, repairing the Battle Bus, and delivering Storm reports for analysis.” Once all tasks are complete, the Agents will win.

However, while Agents are doing their tasks, Impostors can either choose to stealthily eliminate the Agents or use an assortment of tricks to prevent them from moving forward with their tasks. The Impostors in Fortnite Impostors have three specific tools: disabling assignments to halt progress on tasks, teleporting players around The Bridge, and initiating a Peely Party where all players look like Peely to help make every indistinguishable.

Agents are allowed to “Force a Discussion” when they find “an eliminated Agent and reporting it or by interacting with the Discussion panel in The Bridge’s center room” and vote out those they think are suspicious.

Communication in-game is limited, using Emotes or a Quick Chat menu. There is no public voice chat option, but party chat is still available and can be useful during games with friends.

Playing the game can lead to special in-game items, like a spray, emoticon, and a wrap.

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Fortnite is Among Us Through Fortnite Imposters
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