Fortnite Playable on iOS Again Through NVIDIA GeForce Now


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Fortnite is making it back on iOS but not through the Apple App Store.

As reported by The Verge, Fortnite will now be playable on iOS via streaming through NVIDIA GeForce Now’s game streaming service. GeForce Now works by running on Apple’s Safari web browser and Fortnite is optimized to run “with similar touchscreen controls and menus to the old native iOS and Android versions of the game.”

Currently, the version of NVIDIA GeForce Now which runs Fortnite is currently in closed beta. Only those selected for the beta will get access to try Fortnite on iOS. It is unclear when the service will become available to all users.

Fortnite had been removed from Apple iOS and macOS platforms after it breached the terms of its contract and offered direct payment options which circumvented the App Store. Epic Games sued both Apple and Google. In the ruling from Epic Games v. Apple, the judge essentially sided with Apple on almost all accounts but did require Apple to give developers the option to have alternative payment methods located outside their apps. Epic appealed the decision and Apple banned Fortnite from returning to the platform until all litigation had been adjudicated on (citing Epic Games’ own series of contract breaches).

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Fortnite Playable on iOS Again Through NVIDIA GeForce Now

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