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Fujifilm Surveillance Camera Is Capable Of 40x Optical Zoom


Fujifilm has now officially entered the surveillance camera market with its  Fujifilm SX800, a long-range camera that comes with a built-in lens. 

The SX800 was developed with Fujifilm’s optical and image processing technology which claims to give it “the world’s longest telephoto coverage offered by any long-range surveillance camera with a built-in lens.” The SX800 has a 40x optical zoom and a focal length range that extends all the way up to 800mm. 

According to Fujifilm, the surveillance camera has an autofocus that is both fast and accurate, placing its speed at 0.3 seconds. In addition to that, the SX800 has a heat haze/fog reduction function that allows it to capture clear and detailed footage of distant objects in a number of different weather conditions. 

The camera’s image processing engine uses the latest compensation algorithm and handles computation at high speed to detect and correct heat haze and fog accurately in real time, producing clear images.” Fujifilm says. “Heat haze, in particular, typically makes it difficult to distinguish a subject from other moving objects within the frame, making it necessary to use a dedicated external device for image correction. With the SX800, no such external device is needed to produce clear footage.

It goes on to explain that the lens was covered with a multi-layer coating which supports a number of different wavelengths that range from visible lights to near-infrared rays. This coating “boosted light transmittance to the ultimate level to effectively control lens flair and ghosting.”


In order to deal with the shakiness that occurs during windy conditions and slow autofocus, the company combined its proprietary optical technology with cutting-edge image processing technology of the likes found in the Fujifilm X Series cameras, 4K/8K-compatible broadcast lenses and cinema camera lenses included. 

Once the camera is combined with a digital zoom that goes up to 1.25x, it can reach a focal length of around 1000mm in long-range surveillance – that means that it can capture a car’s license plate that is about 0.6 miles away, according to Fujifilm. 


Fujifilm showed what the camera is capable of in a promotional video which demonstrated that the SX800 can read a handheld sign that rested around 1.36 miles away.

In Fujifilm’s announcement, the camera is touted to be the perfect choice for large-scale surveillance operations that require high security needs such as highways, power reactor sites, ports, national borders and even off-shore oil production sites. 

The camera will become available for purchase as of July 26th but, at the time this article is being written, Fujifilm has yet to release a price tag attached to the SX800. 


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