New Huawei Trademarks Hint at Some Interesting Mate 30 Specs

Even though Huawei is still in hot water, politically-speaking, the company is moving forward with its plans for the Mate 30, as highlighted by these two new trademarks.

Obtained by a Dutch publication, both trademarks offer some intriguing Mate 30 details, especially when it comes to video recording.

The “Cine-Lens” trademark application in the EU offers the “cinema photography; optical lenses for recording, reproduction, and processing of sound, images, and/or data” description.

It’s safe to say this means a new breakthrough for the upcoming Mate 30 device, perhaps with Huawei relying on its Leica partnership to optimize the camera for video shooting capabilities.

huawei trademark cine lens

The second trademark, “Camera Matrix”, offers no tantalizing description other than “optical lenses; smartphones” but could be related to the square camera setup that the Huawei Mate 30 Pro allegedly offers.

After all, this leak of the Mate 30 Lite does show this camera configuration, pairing a 48MP + 8MP + 2MP +2MP in a square panel, and it is definitely not a premiere for Huawei.

As GSMArena points out, a matrix’s mathematical definition is a “a rectangular array of quantities or expressions in rows and columns treated as a single entity,” so it makes sense that Huawei would trademark the camera setup on its next devices.

Of course, both trademarks could refer to new, yet-unseen technologies from Huawei, so take all reports with a grain of salt.

Ever since Huawei was cut-off from using Android, fans have been worried about the future of their smartphones.

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro still rely on Android for the operating system but it’s uncertain what will happen with the Mate 30, which, if it follows the steps of its predecessor (pictured above), should be here in late fall.

Huawei did talk about its own OS, dubbed HongMeng, but a representative insisted it’s not for smartphones and that the company will still use Android going forward, despite the ongoing trade war

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