Future OnePlus Phones Will Have "Impossible to Uninstall" Facebook Services

Future OnePlus Phones’ Facebook Services Will Be Impossible To Uninstall

Most of the Android-Based-Phones on the market have some form of bloatware installed even since the factory line. As soon as you boot up your phone, the device starts to install games, apps, and other software, that you will probably never use. With this said, future OnePlus Phones will have Facebook services and related apps pre-loaded that cannot be uninstalled. Why?

Most probably because of a backroom deal between the phone manufacturer and the social media giant that wants to extend the reach of the platform even further.

OnePlus even acknowledged the deal in an interview with Android Police, confirming that a deal indeed exists, and includes Facebook App Installer, Facebook Services, and Facebook App Manager as system apps on its latest models.

The first wave of phones that will have the uninstallable Facebook Services feature are the flagships that OnePlus is producing right now – The OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and Nord. The mobile producer stated that the move to pre-install any Facebook Services on the devices is to optimize the apps in functionality and performance, resulting in less battery drain, among other privileges.

You can uninstall apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, but the Services, App Installer, and App Manager will remain installed as permanent system apps that can be eliminated, only disabled.

Another notable fact about this agreement is the fact that any updates that the local Facebook apps receive will come from the developer itself, not through the PlayStore, like normal. Rasing concerns over data plans and information that is collected by Facebook through these updates.

The rollout of the new pre-installed apps will begin in all the territories that One Plus activates at the time, focusing on North America, India, and Europe for the foreseeable future.

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