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Garmin Adds A Pregnancy Tracking Option

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Tech company Garmin has added a new feature to its smartwatches: a pregnancy and activity tracking option. The feature allows users to track pregnancy-related symptoms like fatigue, monitor progress based on the due date, and adapt to the user’s changing body.

Not only that, but it now also shows changes in the pregnancy fitness and performance stats, monitors hydration, gives users the option of modifying the heart rate alerts or pausing training status updates,  which is something that typically uses metrics like the amount someone exercises in order to classify fitness level and progress. 

Moreover, users now have the option of customizing reminders for relevant fitness such as Kegel exercises, as well as logging over 30 details and symptoms, from baby movement to blood glucose levels. An additional app also allows users to monitor contractions during labor via a contraction timer.

Susan Lyman, Garmin VP of Global Consumer Marketing, stated in a press release, “It’s our hope that this pregnancy tracking feature helps women make sense of how their pregnancy ties into their active lifestyles and overall well-being.” 

Pregnant users have previously criticized smartwatch companies for not including a pregnancy mode on their devices and in response, Garmin has since stepped up its game, with the pregnancy tracking option now available for several Garmin devices through the Connect IQ store, including the Fenix, Forerunner, Venu and Vivoactive lineups.

You’ll be able to log and track your daily details from your compatible smartwatch using the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ app, which will sync with your Garmin Connect account.

And while you’re out there staying active, here are some ways you can customize your settings in Garmin Connect and on your compatible smartwatch during your pregnancy:

  • Pause your training status. This helps if you notice your status decreasing with the increased heart rate and blood volume that normally comes with pregnancy.
  • Enable high heart rate alerts for your activities. This will help you monitor your heart rate so you stay within your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Adjust your daily hydration goal. Hydration is key!

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Garmin Adds A Pregnancy Tracking Option
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