GDC: Magic Leap Will Allow Attendees to Demo Mica in The Unreal Engine Booth

Magic Leap

Do you remember Mica? The very human-like A.I was introduced by Magic Leap back in October 2018 and caused quite a stir at the time, with her very (adorable) human facial expressions.

One of the ‘selling points’ of the A.I is the fact that she has the ability to look the user in the eye and orient herself according to them – something that should offer a greater level of comfort for the users and should, in theory, dissipate the uncanny valley sensation of the experience of having to interact with an artificial human.

Though Magic Leap has been quiet about Mica ever since its initial introduction, it seems like the A.I is now ready to go out and face the world – Epic Games will be hosting hands-on demons of Mica in the Unreal Engine Booth throughout the duration of the Game Developers Conference.

Mica has initially introduced herself on the Magic Leap website as someone who you should not ask “to switch on your lights, turn up your music or give you directions. There will be plenty of intelligent agents that will, but it won’t be me.”

She goes on to explain that she “won’t slip into your domestic life to make your everyday a little more palatable. I am an educator, agitator, companion, artist and guide.”

The attendees who are curious to see what Mica can do will have to sign up in person at the booth in order to meet her and, during the demo, they will work together with her to create a virtual art collage within a physical frame.

The experience was inspired by collaborative art practices of the 1920’s and aims to exemplify how it feels like to work with Mica as a team, as opposed to just let an A.I do the work for you.

“Mica shows that meaningful human connection is possible with Magic Leap One, as spatial computing allows us to bring interactive digital humans into the user’s personal environment,” John Monos, Vice-President of HUman Centered AI, Magic Leap, has said “With Unreal Engine’s best-in-class photoreal real-time 3D graphics capabilities and expansive customization options, we were able to craft a believable digital human that worked for the needs of our platform. That level of fidelity, combined with AI technology, drives a sense of realism and natural interactivity that builds to a deep level of intimacy.”

Back when Mica was introduced, she did not have a voice and we don’t know if she will have one during the GDC, but we hope to hear more from her and about her soon enough, in her own words.

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