GIVEAWAY: Win an iPhone X Now!

Win an iPhone X

UPDATE: Our iPhone X giveaway ended this Friday and we’re glad to announce the name of the lucky winner. One new iPhone X is going to Dan Dolar! Congratulations! Don’t worry, guys: this is not the last giveaway we’re planning for you so stay tuned for the future sweepstakes!

This year has been packed with amazing smartphone launches, but few phones have been able to catch users’ attention as Apple’s smartphones have. Apple’s iPhone X has remained one of the best phones on the market, so popular and adored that it transformed the controversial “notch” into a mobile trend. If you’re looking for a phone upgrade or excited to try out all the features the iPhone X has to offer, then we have good news: we’re giving away one iPhone X this month to a lucky reader!


To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is be honest and voice your opinions on face recognition technology! Apple’s iPhone X’s famous take on face recognition, the Face ID, has brought this burgeoning tech into the public eye. While the technology isn’t unique to Apple, the iPhone X made it a popular feature to include on new smartphones through its solid implementation.

Even so, how much do you actually know about face recognition? How safe is it and how much do you trust it? When and how will Android phones catch up?

The purpose of our survey is to see how you honestly feel about face recognition. Is it the best way to unlock your phone or to make a payment? Do you trust it enough to do either?

You will AUTOMATICALLY enter the giveaway if you take our short survey below OR click here to open and answer it:

Please note that you MUST answer ALL the survey questions to enter the giveaway.

At the end of the entry period (after June 8), we’ll publish a follow-up article with our survey findings; what you all, our giveaway participants, think about face recognition, what you like or dislike, maybe even what phone makers should change or improve and so on.


The iPhone X is Apple’s crown jewel at the moment, launched at the iPhone’s tenth anniversary. It has an unmistakable design, starting with the notch on the front OLED display and ending with the glass back (wireless charging!) and stainless-steel sides.

The camera is one of the biggest selling point. The iPhone X brings Portrait Mode to the front camera as well as Portrait Lighting. The latter uses artificial intelligence to imitate the lighting from a professional studio, allowing the user to customize the way the light falls on the subject’s face with several different lighting modes.

Probably one of the most impressive features of the phone is its Face ID. By employing face recognition on their smartphone, Apple gave users another way to secure their data. Instead of using fingers to unlock and lock the device, the iPhone X allows its users to use their facial features.

Additionally, the lack of a home button means the iPhone X has a larger screen-to-body ratio. This increased screen space allows users to utilize more gestures to navigate the different screens and menus. As always, Siri is available and you can expect 2 hours extra of juice on iPhone X versus iPhone 7.

For the more whimsical, the iPhone X is probably the best Animoji creator right now. By tracking 50 facial muscles, the software ensures that you can turn into a believable unicorn, panda, fox and more.

Speaking of augmented reality (AR), developers have done wonders with ARkit so you can bet on hours of entertainment!


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The TechTheLead iPhone X Giveaway starts on May 18 at 7:00 PM EET and ends on June 8 at 7:00 PM EET. Open to participants 18 years or older. Click here for Official Rules and complete details.

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