Google Duo Gets Impressive Low-Light Mode for Late Night Sessions

Google Duo Gets Impressive Low-Light Mode for Late Night Sessions

Google is continuing to push Google Duo as the first choice for video calls and the latest update does make it even more appealing!

A press release introduced a low-light mode for Google Duo that’s designed to keep video quality even when light conditions are suboptimal.

Chat away late into the night without having to turn on the light-bulb – with low-light mode activated, Duo will automatically brighten the picture and improve visibility.

The gif demo provided in the press release is nothing short of impressive when it comes to visual quality!

google duo low light feature

Google says that their investigations revealed that a lot of users struggle with power outages or simply try to cut down on power consumption because electricity is expensive, which led to low-light mode becoming a priority for the app.

Of course, they also acknowledge a frequent issue – a late night chat in bed or outside, where light sources might be dim.

Low light mode will begin rolling out on both Android and iOS this week. 

It will be available as a toggle option, straight from the in-call controls.

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