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Google, To Launch A New Standard Nest-Branded Smart Speaker

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Google Home was released in 2016 and left unupgraded for two years, but it seems like the long-overdue Google Home sequel is about to happen. 

People have been waiting for the smart speaker since 2017, which used to be a worthy rival for Amazon’s trendsetting Echo back at launch, but it looks like it wasn’t a priority for Google to get it on the market sooner.

Now, Ecko 2019 has a huge advantage ahead Google Home, which has a lot of catching up to do with the powerful and elegant device.

According to  9To5Google’s “sources familiar with the matter” Google is planning to launch a new Nest-branded smart speaker, but fans may still have to wait for the eventual feature upgrades or design revisions to be unveiled.

Codenamed Prince, the second-gen Google speaker will most likely sound much better than its forerunner, and will “look unassuming and familiar”. It remains to be seen if the device can match the audio specs and capabilities of the Google Home Max. 

Although we can’t tell when the upcoming Google device is set to arrive, we can tell from experience that Google is unlikely to unveil the smart speaker by itself. Could the smart speaker be launched side by side with the Google Pixel 4a?

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