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Guy Makes AI Sprinkler To Keep Away Nosey People

What do you do when people keep stepping on your lawn and crushing your green fields dreams? You chase them away. Preferably, with an AI sprinkler, like this guy did.

One YouTuber got creative when it came to getting rid of nosey people. Intruders a.k.a. rude neighbors crossing his lawn to do errands found themselves soaking wet after a particularly smart sprinkler made them its target.

User RyderCalmDown had painstakingly grown his lawn back after authorities cleared away the pavement, leaving a dirt trail behind. Only once he was done, he noticed people destroying his hard work by stepping or fast walking on it without a care in the world.

So he got his revenge. Instead of becoming an old, bitter man, yelling at them and throwing eggs, he watched with glee as his gizmo paid out. The system he put together was simple.

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The YouTuber paired a Wyze security camera with a Raspberry Pi, an electronic valve controlling the water flow in a hose, and machine learning to detect and recognize people walking by. Ingenious, right?

Especially since the same algorithms helped him compliment dogs sniffing around, on another occasion. You gotta love this guy!

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