Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign And Map Editing Delayed

Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign And Map Editing Delayed

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Halo Infinite’s launch is right around the corner – although it is still without a firm release date – and while the team is committed to releasing the game during this timeframe, some of the game’s features look to be delayed to post-launch.

According to The Verge, 343 Industries published a developer’s update outlining the development progress. The biggest decision the team made was delayed the launch of campaign co-op and Forge modes.

Without campaign co-op, players can only go through the campaign solo instead of with friends like in most other Halo games. The Forge mode is a multiplayer level editor and custom game creator, another series staple.

While these features won’t be available at launch, 343 Industries is reportedly looking to launch campaign co-op and Forge in season two and season three, respectively. Given each season is expected to run around three months, campaign co-op should release three months after launch and Forge six months after launch.

Even without these features, Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of the ear. Recently a multiplayer beta released to overwhelmingly positive reception, even though because of it, some story content was leaked.

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Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign And Map Editing Delayed
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