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Halo Infinite Shop To Reduce Prices, Allow For Purchase of Individual Items

PC: Xbox

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343 Industries’ Head of Design Jerry Hook took to Twitter to announce changes are coming to Halo Infinite, particularly with the game’s shop.

As noted in his Twitter thread, he states that the game will be updated and the development team will “being rolling out changes to how we package and price items in Halo Infinite – and it all starts next week.” These changes will include “reducing pricing across the board, providing stronger values in our bundles, starting to put individual items outside of bundles, and more.” He also mentions that the “shop experience” will vary weekly but is unclear on what exactly that means.

Before this update, players could not buy individual items out of a set. Instead, they would have to buy the entire set for a single item, costing more in-game currency and time.

While Halo Infinite has been widely heralded as a return to form for a series that had set the standard for console first-person shooters, it has not been the perfect game. Fans have had reasonable criticisms. These included the game’s initial lack of playlists which forced players into random game modes and the game’s experience system.

As evidenced by Hook’s tweet, 343 Industries has been relatively responsive to these requests and have been open to adjusting the game based on player feedback.

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Halo Infinite Shop To Reduce Prices, Allow For Purchase of Individual Items
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