Hanergy’s MiaSolé Division Uses Thinfilm, Incredibly Lightweight Solar Panels, to Establish European Record

hanergy thinfilm solar panels

If clean energy is what you’re looking for, the Netherlands is definitely the place to be. If you also want flexibility and incredibly thin solar panels, the aptly-named Hanergy Thin Film Power Group is definitely the company that’s going to provide that. The last time we heard about Hanergy was at MWC Shanghai, where we definitely wanted to try their solar backpacks. Now, the company is back to set a new European record: the biggest flexible modules solar project in not just the Netherlands but Europe as well.

MiaSolé, Hanergy’s US-based subsidiaries, decorated the roof of the Maaspoort Sports Center from Dutch city Den Bosch with 418 lightweight flexible modules, which will provide 12 MHh of clean energy per year.

Just how lightweight are we talking? Well, since Hanergy managed to make even backpacks using solar panels, pretty light. Each of the 418 flexible solar modules weighs just 3 kilograms per square meter. In comparison, a traditional crystalline silicon solar module will clock in at 18 kilos.

Due to the dramatic decrease in weight, MiaSolé and Hanergy’s flexible modules are ideal for usage on surfaces like roofs.

“We were confident that the project combining Evalon with flexible thin film PV would have great market potential. While we’re aware that there are varied roofing materials available in the market but this lightweight module photovoltaic solution from Hanergy is the only way to further enhance large-scale sustainability,” explained in an emailed statement the spokesperson for Weka Company, Hanergy’s installer for this project.

For those keeping an eye on sustainable technologies, Hanergy is one of the biggest stars in the area, as the company was granted nearly 1,000 patents after filing for more than 4,000 ideas. Their camping gear is definitely brilliant for those who can’t just leave their devices at home when they’re spending time in nature.

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