Shiny Looks, Crystal Clear Sound! Why NOA N10 Is the Best Buy Smartphone of 2018

If there’s one way to sum up 2018 smartphones, “surprising” would be our pick. While major players like Samsung or Apple stuck close to tried and tested formulas, we’ve seen quite a few creative approaches. At IFA 2018, Hangar 18, a small Croatian company, was preparing to accept the award for the Best Buy smartphone of 2018 from EISA.

We had to see the NOA N10 up close and personal, so we sat down with Mario Pintar, Hangar 18’s CMO, to find out what exactly captured the hearts of the jury.

Just as we reported before, NOA N10 is Eisa’s Best Buy smartphone of 2018. Even though most people are unfamiliar with the brand, Hangar 18 managed to get acclaim from the same jury that designated the Huawei P20 Pro as the best smartphone of 2018 and the Nokia 7 Plus as the best consumer smartphone.

One look at the NOA N10 and you’ll be mesmerized by the sleek body, which seems metallic but is actually made out of a very lightweight ceramic.

NOA N10 really wanted to pack in a surprise for both audiophiles and Spotify-addicts as well, so, on that shiny back, you’ll see a sleek DTS logo. Yes, this smartphone has DTS sound technology, so you know your tunes will be spotless even in less than ideal conditions.

The rear camera setup also brings a few quality surprises, combining two Sony IMX 499 sensors of 16 MP to let you get images of up to 96 MPs. 16 MPs you’ll find as well on the selfie camera, with the added bonus of Face ID for easy unlocking.

To see what other surprises this up-and-coming brand has in store and what the NOA N10 did to stand out in a crowd, watch our interview above.

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