Headspace Is Offering Free Meditation For The Unemployed

Headspace Is Offering Free Meditation For The Unemployed

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety has significantly increased, and so many people are affected by the context. 

Some people are losing their jobs, some people are having a hard time isolating and some are fighting the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring. We try to cope with the situation the best we can, but some days we may feel quite overwhelmed.

Headspace, the meditation platform is willing to get involved and help people in need of some ‘spiritual healing’. Therefore, the company came up with a new initiative meant for those who have lost their jobs, by offering a subscription that normally costs $12.99/month that offers one year of free access to Headspace Plus. The service includes guided meditation sessions, the Sleep by Headspace content, home workouts, animation guides, and many more.

Those living in the US, currently unemployed, can benefit from the program by offering information regarding their employment status.

Curious who it works? We’ve recently reported about my experience with the meditation app, which I’ve tested for a week. 

Headspace is a mediation app for both Android and iOS, ‘committed to advancing the field of mindfulness meditation through clinically-validated research on our product. We’re currently in progress on research studies with large national institutions that could be among the largest mindfulness meditation trials ever conducted. We are committed to ensuring Headspace can actually make an impact on our lives.’

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