Honor Magic X: The Unexpected, Best Foldable Phone Of 2021?

When it comes to foldable phones, there’s Samsung and its Z Folds and potentially Google with a foldable Pixel. Huawei could’ve joined the ranks but that ban messed up their plans. Now, it’s up to Honor to pick up where they left off with Honor Magic X, essentially a Huawei foldable with all the apps we can ask for. Could it be the unexpected yet best foldable phone of 2021?

Honor Magic X: The Stakes are High

Just like Pixel Fold, that might drop this month, Honor Magic X was kept under wraps. Out of nowhere, overnight, there are rumors that Honor will take advantage of this end of year and launch the phone. Apparently, the company wanted to get the Magic Fold/X out last year but the pandemic happened.

That is good news, indeed. After the Honor – Huawei “divorce” last year, Honor unleashed a couple of powerful devices. Like Honor 50, a series that’s done well in reviews and sales. In fact, it earned the company third place as a smartphone vendor in China, surpassing Xiaomi and Apple!

Then, the Magic 3 was released helping establish the company as experts in the field of phone photography and videography.

The strategic, global effort to show customers that Honor is not Huawei, that Honor has actually escaped the ban continues. Therefore, what could be better than a foldable to grab people’s attention?

Honor Magic X: A Borrowed Display and Perfected Design

Magic X or Magic Fold will look devastatingly beautiful, similar to Mate X2 but… supposedly better. Work on Honor’s foldable started before the separation so Huawei’s creatives were at the helm right from the beginning. 

Most likely, that will mean an inward foldable with similar display sizes: an 8″ inner display and 6.5″ the cover display with both running at 90Hz refresh rates. Visionox could be one of the suppliers, we’ve heard. 

Now, one of the best things about Huawei Mate X2, if you remember, was the build of the device. Huawei did two things right: the design of the panels and the hinge. Unlike Samsung’s symmetrical panels, Huawei curved them like wedges to prevent any gap when closed.

The second thing that Huawei perfected was the hinge. There was one drawback though; there was no way to make the phone sit on its “bottom”.

The phone could either unfold completely or close fully. Depending on what you used it for, that was more or less an annoying feature. Overall, however, the design and display of Mate X2 deserves our praise. 

Honor Magic X: Camera and Specs

Magic X is expected to have all that and more, such as the Snapdragon 888 Plus. Ever since Honor is out of Huawei’s shadow and into America’s light, their devices can use American tech like the best Qualcomm chip on the market. Or Google’s Android 11 software and, of course, a Play Store as rich and versatile as the one for a Pixel or a Z Fold. 

That will make the Magic Fold / X so special. Considering Honor 50 is about to drop in Europe, their foldable will also target a global market. Honor’s CEO even said it was going to be the best foldable in the industry. 

We could see that happening if Honor keeps marrying great cameras with beautiful displays. Magic X should come at least with Honor 50’s camera setup, made from an 108MP main “ring” with at least an ultra wide and macro in the second ring. 

That angel eye (double barrel camera) will be accompanied by a dual punch hole on the cover. As for a selfie on the inner display? It’s hard to say how that will happen.

On one hand, Mate X2 ignored it completely. So what’s to say Magic Fold won’t do that too?! 

On the other hand, there is something called an UDC, you know? Honor might just as well hide it under the display. That would win them another point in our books!

So far, Magic X is bound to be a magical foldable with a screen to die for, a camera that will meet all your needs and a build that’s gonna keep dust and creases to a minimum. Unlike other Chinese phones, it’s also going to have the U.S.A.’s blessing and tech. 

How about the rest? While Honor hasn’t teased the foldable, if we consider the Mate X2 recipe… then it will come with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Plus a 4,500mAh – 5,000mAh battery. 

Honor Magic X: Price and Xonor X20

As for price, it should be over $1,000-$1,500. We can’t take Huawei’s foldable as a benchmark here but if we look at Samsung’s devices… that’s the ballpark right there. 

The launch could happen after the Pixel Fold one – which is a shame. There is no way Honor can debut that phone this month. 

Especially since Honor still has a phone in its pipeline. More specifically, a gigantic Honor X20 with a 7″ – not 6″, 7.2″display!

If compact phones weren’t your thing anyway, be on the lookout for this one. A triple camera is in the books, as well as a long-lasting 6,000mAh battery, just right for a phablet!

Honor is making a statement. No more babysitting from Huawei, no more playing second fiddle to anyone. Honor will be here with flagships, foldables, phablets and even rolling phones. Don’t think Honor lost any time in submitting a patent of a rollable with a wrap-around display.

Tell me if you had your fingers crossed for a Huawei/Honor legacy phone that would cross the pond and use all those Google goodies!

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