CES 2019

HP Introduces Third-Gen HP Sure View at CES


HP has introduced a solid number of products at CES and one of them might right a bell of familiarity: the Sure View.

Initially built only in a handful of HP laptops, Sure View is a privacy filter that can be added to the display by hitting the F2 button on a laptop. The screen becomes more opaque the more you move to the side.

HP has now introduced the third generation of HP Sure View, which now works with UHD displays and offers an improved battery life as well.

The feature is optional on the new EliteBook x360 830 G5, the EliteOne 800 AiO G5 and the EliteDisplay. When it’s enabled the screen will only be visible at a 40-degree angle.

The feature is built with corporate environments, offices and public services in mind, where it’s easy for people to peek at your screen.

The display reduces its brightness to 180 nits and the horizontal viewing angles to 80 degrees, making sure that the data on the screen will not be glanced at by those who walk or sit around you.

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