Huawei Mate X Would Be Perfect if It Weren't for This Design Quirk
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Huawei Mate X Would Be Perfect if It Weren’t for This Design Quirk

huawei mate x

Huawei took the stage today to reveal what was hiding behind the intriguing teaser-invite that made the rounds as of late. Mate X is a foldable phone that directly challenges the Galaxy Fold and might even surpass it with better hardware.

The mobile giant revealed a different take on the foldable design with a device that expands outwards, via a hinge, not inwards like the Galaxy Fold. This gives us all a little less anxiety at the thought of the display getting scratches while using it.

huawei mate x forms

Even so, the Mate X manages to stay thin, even slimmer than the Galaxy Fold – only 11mm thick when closed and just 5.4mm when unfolded. Unfolded, you get an 8-inch display while in “phone mode” you can take advantage of a 6-inch one.

My only concern is the separate bar that holds the three cameras, flash and latch that ensures the phone is completely folded. In tablet mode, it doesn’t stand out so much, but in phone mode it’s hard to ignore.

It resembles a book spine and not in a particularly good way. For this kind of design, it is necessary, but it makes me wonder how many users will adjust to that grip and reconsider all they thought they knew and expected from a flagship phone.

Nevertheless, if you do compromise on the bar you’ll get the best hardware Huawei can provide: the Kirin 980 processor, a 4,500mAh battery, NFC technology that allows you to transfer files between the phone and a laptop from the company and 8GB RAM and 512GB storage.

However, prepare to spend more than you ever thought you would on a top handset; Mate X is set to cost 2,299 euros!

With the P30 launch around the corner, I don’t know how many users will take a second look at Mate X; that flagship is bound to bring the best hardware from Huawei, too, without the quirky design.

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