Huawei’s App Gallery Gets Revamped

Huawei’s App Gallery Gets Revamped

Image: Huawei Consumers

Huawei’s App Gallery now registers over 500 million monthly active users and the company has known a huge growth of its app store over in 2020.
A redesigned update to Huawei’s App Gallery was recently announced, and it indicates a renewed user interface and a new ‘Featured’ tab for better finding new apps.

The new update shows a card-style feed, offering a smart overview of the featured apps – all curated content meant to serve a better picture of what users can expect from the apps.

For starters, users will be able to scroll the Feature tab just like a regular feed – vertically from top to bottom. Users will also discover that Apps and Games are now divided into two tabs with reviews and ratings.

We can also see that users will be rewarded with Cashback discounts, ‘Lucky Draws’, and Challenges which for trying or buying new apps. The rewards can be retrieved from the Gifts tab and include free trials for premium services, as well as game credits.

The latest update to App Gallery is now operating in Europe and users will soon be able to access it on their Huawei and Honor gadgets in selected countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Czechia, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Lithuania, Hungary, and Ukraine.

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Huawei’s App Gallery Gets Revamped
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