Human Inc. Re-imagines The Wireless Headphones
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Human Inc. Reimagines The Wireless Headphones

Human Inc

At this point in time we’re all wondering: when will we see some new types of headphones? We’ve come a long way since those terribly flimsy and spongy Walkman headphones of the 80’s, that’s true. However, we still want more and better. 

Human Inc. believes it has found the answer to that via the Human Headphones. These headphones stick out in terms of design first of all: they are truly wireless as they lack a headband and they can also turn into a portable Bluetooth speaker as well – all you have to do is snap them together and create a 2.2, 4 speaker sound system. 

The company calls the product a “3 in 1 design” that adapts to the structure of your ear instead of going into or over them. It’s a bit unclear how the headphones actually stick to your ear without being uncomfortable or falling off, as the images Human Inc. released don’t offer a lot of information. 

We also are not told anything about the sound quality we’re supposed to expect from them. According to Human Inc., the headphones offer “great dynamic range from deep bass to high notes, accuracy of instruments, with a full sound stage” via 30mm drivers. The ambient noise that will be heard through them can be controlled via a feature called Blend Mode. 

They have a nine-hour battery life and hand gestures can be used for playing or pausing music, skipping songs, adjusting the volume, answering phone calls or call upon the voice assistant of your choice. 

Human Inc. states that they have worked for a year on just studying the “intricacies of the human ear” before coming up with the concept. 

No other headphones adapt to your life the way Human Headphones do,” Ben Willis, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Human, Inc. has said. “As such, these devices are poised to change how we interact with and use technology throughout our day on a massive scale. We could not just adopt the traditional headphone or in-ear designs because in doing so, you also adopt their fundamental legacy issues and limitations […]. By going back to the drawing board, we were able to both construct an entirely new form that is driven by the anatomy of all human ears to set a new bar for comfort […]. Our platform is not only powerful enough for today, but also will support integration of future voice experiences.

The headphone hybrid can be purchased from the official Human Inc. website for a special introductory price of $259. 

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