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Hyperlapse Creators Launch Rylo, A Camera That Lets You Shoot First And Frame Later


Two of the co-creators of Hyperlapse have just launched Rylo, a 360 degree camera that, while it’s not revolutionary, it does stand out in the action camera crowd. The reason why, below #actionmagic

To put it simple, Rylo lets you shoot first and then frame your footage. “We built a camera that captures everything around it so you no longer need to point the camera”, says co-founder Alex Karpenko.  When you’re hiking, running with your dog or practicing your BMX tricks, you don’t need to stress about the position of the camera. Rylo records everything for good measure and then lets you edit the short movie on your phone. Reframing is a piece of cake.

But what about stabilization? With such a selling proposition, this is a big thing to take into consideration. Sure enough, the stabilization is top-notch (as you’d expect from Hyperlapse and former Apple employees). There’s almost no warping, as the camera uses the extra footage you don’t need to stabilize the end result. Hand holding is no longer a no-no.

The images are captured via two 208-degree lenses with f2.8 apertures. Rylo can take 6K panoramas, as well as 4K video at 30fps. The battery guarantees one hour of recording but it’s swappable, so it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience. Also, you can select the object you want in focus and Rylo will track it for the entire duration of the recording.

For now, Rylo works with iOS but the company said it would make it soon compatible with Android, too. The camera sells for $499 together with 16 GB microSD card and sync cables.

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