Hyundai To Bring Flying Car at CES 2020

hyundai ces 2020 personal flying car

Between January 7 and January 10, attendees of 2020’s biggest tech show will get to see Hyundai’s “vision for mobility and the cities of the future”, as the company put it.

That sounds very lofty but, translated to down-to-earth terms, it’s still pretty exciting.

Hyundai will show off a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) that as of now is a complete mystery.

The only thing we have to go on is a single render of Hyundai’s vision for future cities, which shows off vehicles with propellers similar to V-22 Ospreys.

Hyundai also teased a Purpose Built Vehicle (PBF), which will apparently be a highly customizable, modular vehicle with autonomous driving features that will be “more than a means of transportation.”

In Hyundai’s vision, just like with other automakers or aerospace companies, future cities will feature landing pads in skyscrapers and key locations of the city. And, because the company has pledged $50 billion to spend between now and 2025 to research future technologies, this vision seems to carry some weight.

Even more than that, since Urban Air Mobility news usually feature plenty of 3D renders and hype but not a lot of actual vehicles, we’re excited to start the year actually seeing some flying cars.

Stay tuned, we’ll try to find out as much as possible at CES and bring you up-close footage of this project.

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