Inubox Is the Classiest Bathroom Option for Your Doggie

Inubox Is the Classiest Bathroom Option for Your Doggie

This year at CES we’ve seen a smart toilet for humans and the Lavviebot for cats but what about dog people?

They’re represented too at CES 2019 with the Inubox, an automated dog toilet that actually looks classy (those wooden accents!).

The Inubox detects once your dog steps on the platform and, once your furry friend finishes its business, closes the platform to start the cleaning process. The waste will be shoveled automatically into a bag and, once that’s full, the Inubox will seal it to make sure no smells escapes.

The process is similar to a lot of automated litter boxes on the market but, as of now, you’d be hard pressed to find those options for dog owners as well.

Inubox wants to fill that gap and will start crowdfunding the automated dog toilet on Kickstarter. Make sure to catch the campaign for the best discount!

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