iOS 15.1.1 Is Here And It’s Ready To Fix A Pesky Little Bug



The iOS 15.1.1, an updated version of iOS 15.1, is finally here and, thankfully, it brings along a bug fix that iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series users have been waiting for. 

While most of the iOS 15.1 bugs were not complete show-stoppers and didn’t really interfere with the user experience much, there was a known issue that even Apple acknowledged on the release notes page, where the company states that the users “might experience loss of audio during calls, followed by the call being dropped in some conditions.”

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The page mentions that a common fix would be for the users to toggle Airplane Mode on and off or reboot the device. However, this fix didn’t work for everyone and Apple made the decision to release iOS 15.1.1 in order to focus on this issue specifically. 

Downloading this update is easy: all you have to do is head over to Settings, click on General, then on Software Update and you’re all good to go. The download is around 385MB. 

Soon enough, Apple will also release a larger update with iOS 15.2 which will bring along some more substantial features and changes to the devices.
One of them will be a fix to the Emergency SOS system, in order for it to make the feature less likely to be activated by mistake. 

Another one is the App privacy Report, which will show you how often apps access your data.

Two other features will also be introduced: Digital Legacy, which will allow you to add a person (or more) who can have access to your iPhone data in the case of your passing.

iOS 15.2 Update Allows You To Choose Who Can Access Your Data After You Die

The second feature is called Communication Safety – this one will give a warning to parents if any explicit images are being sent from or to their child’s iPhone. 

There’s not a set date yet for iOS 15.2 but for now, the users can count on the latest update to solve their call drop situations. 

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iOS 15.1.1 Is Here And It’s Ready To Fix A Pesky Little Bug
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