iPhone 12 Full Line-up & Specs Leaked

iPhone 12 Full Line-up & Specs Leaked


Since before the release of the first iPhone, Apple leaks have always raised interest from tech fans everywhere. We have come a long way since and some sources have become more credible than others. The iPhone 12 release is just a few months away and some interesting news just surfaced.

Renowned leaker Jon Prosser posted a video today, announcing Apple’s next iPhone 12 series models and full specs. This guy was right before, so we thought it’s worth listening. Apparently, Apple will launch four types of the iPhone 12 this fall — a base model, a larger Max model, and a “Pro” and “Pro Max” version.

One of the most interesting pieces of information is that the base storage of entry-level phones has increased once again. The minimum storage on all models will be 128GB, twice the current floor of 64GB. Also, the cheapest iPhone 12 is rumored to cost $649, which is less than the base iPhone 11 which is $699.

Prosser also talks about a feature Apple is supposedly working on, involving the display refresh rates. The Pro Motion feature would switch between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on what is on display, in order to save battery life.

Here is a full list of specs of the iPhone 12 series, according to Prosser:

We know there will be some delays in the release of the new iPhone because of the travel bans earlier this year, but we still expect to see it this fall.

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