Is Huawei Mate 40 Pro The Last Great Phone from Huawei?

Huawei is getting ready to say goodbye to an incredibly successful smartphone line, the Mate. Mate 40 Pro might just be the last great phone from them.

Why’s that? Well, everything’s gonna change after this phone launches. And not in a positive way, exactly. It is true, Huawei has been having a rough couple of years, with the US watching their every move and tripping them every once in a while but this latest hit is going to hurt big time. And force them to lose their best selling point.

See, the Mate 40 smartphones, the vanilla, Pro, Pro Plus and Porsche edition are gonna ship with the Kirin 9000. That’s quite a chip, for several reasons. For one, it’s a Kirin, one of the best processors for mobile devices right now. Two, it’s the first with a 5nm architecture with a 5G modem built-in. Apple came first at the finish line with this node but shipped it with an external 5G modem. 

However, Mate phones will be the last from Huawei with the company’s own architecture. TSMC officially stopped shipments per US government’s request. Samsung is also banned from working with them, as well as any chipmaker that uses or licenses US tech.

They’re killin Kirin. 

And with that, they are taking a major advantage Huawei had when battling titans like Samsung, Google, or Xiaomi. See, the camera hardware Huawei was relying on, the ISP which supported the company’s camera algorithms and sensor tech, was part of the chip. The custom architecture that helped them leverage machine learning processes from super res zoom to facial recognition counted on the Kirin, too. 

The US crippled Huawei, no questions asked. In the face of that, not having access to the Play Store will be the least of our worries. I mean, we can get around the App Gallery, adapt to it as users, but to be robbed of the bread and butter of Huawei’s phones? That’s a harder pill to swallow. 

So what’s Huawei gonna do? What is their saving grace?

The answer, in the video above!

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