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Kozmophone Is A Turntable That Projects Holographic Images

What do you get when you mix holograms with a turntable and a phonograph? Kozmophone, a new type of gadget audiophiles and holochess fans will love alike #objectmagic

One team reimagined the record player for tech trendsetters. They put together a modular speaker and a turntable without forgetting to add a bit of “pixie dust”, or in this case, holographic capabilities. Kozmophone has an adjustable tonearm and a replaceable cartridge that makes it easy to set the proper weight of the cartridge.

The phonograph speaker is detachable, which means you have a portable speaker on your hands. You can play music from your mobile devices through it via Bluetooth. If that wasn’t enough, Kozmophone can project holographic images inside a cylinder housing. There’s a selection to choose from, depending on the music you’re listening. You can watch mesmerized as musical notes fly around, dancers execute fascinating moves or a drummer plays along your tune.

There are six speaker colors you can choose from – super red, space black, super blue, lemon yellow, pure white, and Kickstarter green. You can combine those with knobs in contrasting colors or create a monochrome look.

Kozmophone is still in “sign up” phase but hopefully it will launch this year.

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