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Lenovo Showcases Rubber-Like Bendable ThinkPad Concept

bendable thinkpad concept

Lenovo’s Retro Thinkpad isn’t the only way the company is planning to revolutionize their iconic laptop. They envision a bendable Thinkpad, with a rubber-like appearance, although, unlike the Retro version, this one has no launch date in sight #hardwaremagic

This week, Lenovo announced the development of a special, anniversary edition of the ThinkPad, as well as the concept of a future laptop. We had a brief glance at a bendable machine with integrated keyboard and voice commands. Sounds far-fetched? It probably is and Lenovo hasn’t given any hints that they are currently working on it. This is probably a glimpse of what they hope to achieve in 5 years or more.

The design of the flexible ThinkPad looks pretty attractive. You can imagine it as a newspaper you can fold and unfold with the added bonus of a rubber-like texture. The built-in keyboard still features the signature ThinkPad button mouse.

The UX would imply voice controls, though. You could tell it to scroll up or down, open a new tab and zoom in certain pictures and more. How would voice control, flexible hardware and stylus capability be integrated? Lenovo didn’t talk about a clear formula, just a mix of “advanced materials” and “new screen technologies.”

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