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Lenovo Z5 to Launch in Beijing in June

Lenovo has just announced on its official Weibo account that the new Z5 will launch in Beijing on June 5th.

The first thing one notices is the all-screen design, which has been previously featured by Lenovo in early May when they released a sketch of the up and coming flagship. As pointed out by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng, the Z5 boasts an impressive 95% screen to body ratio.

However, the teaser still leaves several unanswered questions like where is the front camera? Many have pondered on Lenovo’s solution in implementing the camera, be it a pop-up camera system or a technological innovation – either of them could be backed up by the four technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies that the smartphone is announced to have.

Another important question left unanswered is if the Z5 will be available outside of China. Given that all the information available right now comes from Weibo and the official launch is set for the capital Beijing, it is unclear in the Z5 will be released to other countries. 

However, what we do know is that opting for a bezel-less and notch-less design is sure to turn some heads, a move in stark contrast with Huawei’s and Apple’s recent design decisions. The Lenovo Z5 may be trying to gain the spotlight before the Vivo Apex, another phone without bezels and notch but set to launch a week later.

We’ll certainly learn more in the coming week when the answers to these questions will likely be answered. As for when we’ll get to test the device ourselves, let’s just say that the end of the month is going to bring plenty of surprises!

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