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These Fitness Smart Glasses Give To Charity When You Hit Your Goals

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Did you think Intel was the only company that managed to make smart glasses look attractiveIt seems there’s a new competitor in town.  Meet the Level activity-tracking, donation-enabling smart glasses. #objectmagic

While the Intel Vaunt project notifications right onto your eyeball, the Level smart glasses are fitness wearables designed to track your activity and count calories.

Even better, by achieving your fitness goals you will earn points for charityWhen you amass 50 points, Level creators will donate vision care to veterans, seniors, homeless people and children in need through a charitable organization.

Getting back to the Level activity-tracking smart glasses and what they offer, let’s see the actual tech embedded in them. Inside the fashionable frames, there’s an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer to track your steps, overall activity and calories burned.

The Level smart glasses will use Bluetooth to connect to a companion app and promise a battery that fully charges in 30 minutes and lasts 3 days. On the left side, right inside the hinge, there’s a discreet magnetic charging port.

If you think this device looks good, you have no idea how right you are, and we’re not only talking about the design or charity. As fellow glasses wearers, we’re most excited about the “Find My Glasses” feature. Finally!

Created by insurance provider VSP, the Level smart glasses will not come cheap. The price tag of the frames is $270, so you have to budget for your lenses as well. The good news, for US consumers at least, is that they will be covered under some insurance plans.

Find out more on the official website.

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