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Lix Pen Can Bring Your Sketches To Life In An Instant

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  • lix-pen-feat-image

The worst part for a creative is convincing others his ideas will look great after fruition. Most clients or even friends have a hard time believing in a simple drawing in 2D, arguing that it will look different in three dimensions, so a prototype is in order. But before you get to that stage, there might be a quicker way to convince everyone your idea is solid, in 3D.

Meet Lix Pen, the smallest, circular tool that draws in 3D #objectmagic. Acting like a 3D printer, it melts various types of plastic and pours it through the tip, only to become solid in midair:

From the moment it’s plugged in, you have to wait 1 minute until the pen can give life to your ideas. One more thing: you can actually adjust the speed at which the pen releases molten plastic, according to your desires. For designers, architects and freelance artists, this should be a pretty good tool to not only reinforce your concepts, but to also test them in various stages of progress.

The reasons we like it: it’s extremely portable (you can put it in your blazer’s pocket or drop it in a tiny bag) and affordable. Lix Pen is sold with 2 refils, one ABS, the other one PLA, each one having 40 rods, at $139.95! Yes, you have to refill your pen from the manufacturers, but it seems a small effort to make in exchange for detailed decorations and objects you can create at home, in a park or coffee shop.

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