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LG Is Staying On GoPro’s Tail With Action CAM LTE


Lights, camera, action, GoPro! This is usually the things a videographer has in mnd at the beginning of a new project. But all could change with LG’s liveliest Friend of all, CAM LTE! #actionmagic

The Action CAM LTE will soon hit the market and once it does, it could shake GoPro’s world. While LG’s tech speaks more for amateurs than professionals, it might become everyone’s choice of weapon on short trips and spontaneous vacations. That’s because the gadget live streams directly to the most popular video platform now, YouTube, without the need of a smartphone and… it should undercut GoPro’s price.

As for video quality, LG Cam comes with a 12.3 MP camera with 150-degree wide angle lens and offers UHD recording. It’s also equipped with GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. Bonus: a IP67-rate for water submersion that should last at least 30 minutes without waterproof case (that’s rumored to arrive later this year).

Sounds pretty cool, right? Take into account the fact that you can live stream about 2 hours without recharging aaand you get 4 hours of FULL HD recording – yes, the cam comes with microSD slot. If, after reading all this, it’s on your brithday wishlist… we can’t blame you!

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